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A Startling Fact about Proposal Solution Essay Topics Uncovered

A Startling Fact about Proposal Solution Essay Topics Uncovered Proposal Solution Essay Topics and Proposal Solution Essay Topics - The Perfect Combination Think of some helpful points, proposals, and argumentation, which could help determine the reader, help them understand the issue, and inspire them to try to repair it. In the end, your aim is to persuade the reader your proposal isn't just viable, but one worth pursuing. As soon as your proposal becomes accepted, you are able to then go right ahead and compose the complete paper. By using 99papers, it's straightforward to have the very best agencies alongside authors by yourself. Not everybody can write the ideal essay and should you don't have enough time to do the appropriate quantity of research and compose the paper within the deadline, you might find yourself struggling and stressing out. There are even ideas on driving and transportation so you're going to be able to detect something which you are able to write abo ut. Otherwise, then the very first point to know is that you ought to start by viewing a range of topics before choosing one that's suitable. A superb topic could possibly be something as straightforward as improving time management to address the issue of getting to school in time daily or as complex as finding ways to lessen the quantity of violent crimes. What's more, if you pick great problem solution essay topics, there isn't going to be any problem for you to make an ideal text without having to spend an excessive amount of time on writing. To put it simply, a proposal essay identifies an issue and suggests a remedy to that issue. Now you are aware of how to compose a problem solution essay, therefore it's time to begin your work. The problem solution essay is similar to any other you've written it has different sections. Remember your essay is about solving problems, therefore a solution ought to be a highlight of the essay. In both situations, an excellent essay explores the pros and cons of proposed solutions. It's feasible for you to find problem solution essays help whenever you make an order for your paper from us. Problem-solution essays argue for a specific remedy to an issue or demonstrate an urgent need to fix the issue. Writing an issue and solution essay isn't easy more so when you aren't provided with the topic. To start with, it's important to abide by the chosen topic throughout the essay. Additionally, when writing an essay, additionally it is required to think about picking a topic that has a viable or practical solution. Writing an issue and solution essay might appear challenging in the beginning, but when you've got your subject, you're golden. It's comparable to other sorts of essays in a challenge to decide on an ideal topic. In some specific cases you will likely locate your self with composing projects on several topics all due in a brief span, or maybe you may lack any curiosity about a particular topic. Despite the fact that it appears to be a difficult undertaking, you can find a lot of amazing topics. The hardest task is to locate a great topic for your essay. There are a lot of different hints that may make essays excellent. Whenever you have so many topics to speak about, choose what you're passionate about and it'll be super-easy that you develop a considerable argument for it. The first thing you ought to consider when you get started writing an essay is the topic. A superb essay can produce a difference if you select a topic that's meaningful for you. Sometimes essay writing can be hard for many students. Check on the format our writers have used and check on the way the essay is organized by a specialist writer. Your essay is practically ready! Writing a great persuasive essay is not an easy job, however, it's achievable. If you ask us to aid you with your student assignments, you can make sure that you'll get a high-quality project. List your resources You need to list all of your scholarly resources first. What can be done in order to produce a more well-rounded curriculum for middle and higher school students. Curriculum proposal topics is a means to try.

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The Victim Care Program For The Criminal Justice System Essay

The victim care program is an important resource that helps victims in the criminal justice system. Refugee and immigrant victims can find it hard to deal with the criminal justice system in the United States. This program is designed to assists these individuals in the court system. This paper will focus on the Victim Care Program in Fort Wayne. An evaluation of this program is aimed at understanding its role and effectiveness. The data provides by Victim Care Program will help to evaluate the worth of the program. Understanding these roles will help to create recommendations that can help to improve service delivery in its operations. Keywords: Crime, victim care programs, immigrant refugees Victim Care Program in Fort Wayne Crime Victim Care in Fort Wayne deals with immigrant victims by ensuring that their needs are professionally met. The program’s mission is â€Å"to bring wholeness to immigrants and refugee families who experience brokenness due to violence, crime, addictions, mental health, abuse, and neglect.† The Vision statement is to provide for â€Å"the healthy integration of non-English speaking immigrants and refugees as contributing members of society† (Retrieved from http://cvcin.org/history/). The Fort Wayne Crime Victim Care (CVC) stakeholder includes immigrants, refugees, the legal institutions, as well as the government. Immigrants and refugees are supposed to be invested in the program because many of them find it difficult to understand a criminalShow MoreRelatedThe Articles Of Cullen And Jonson1240 Words   |  5 Pagespunish criminals and how much should they be paid for the punishment. The article explains, 1 in every 100 American adults is behind bar and 1 in 31 is under someone form of correctional control. In the United States there are more than 1.6 million offenders imprisoned in state and federal institutions. Also the incarcerated population surpasses 2.4 million and there more than 828,000 people on parole, so inference there are 7.4 million Americans under the supervision of the correctional system. ThroughoutRead MoreThe Justice That Restores And Other Terms Within The Revised Statement Of Faith Essay1406 Words   |  6 PagesBackground: This memo is in response to Prison Fellowship’s Board of Directors request to define what is meant by references to â€Å"justice that restores† and other terms within the revised statement of faith. Defining references within the Prison Fellowship Statement of Faith: First, the statement of faith explains, â€Å"Our mission is to help restore those affected by crime and incarceration. This mission is founded on the Biblical conviction that all people are created in God’s image and that noRead MorePublic Health Issues Are Concerns On How To Protect The1749 Words   |  7 PagesPublic health communities focus more attention on the victim who has health issues related to drug addictions, alcohol, and mental and physical problems. Public health issues are more concerned with the health consequences related to these addictions, abuse, and problems. Public health issues are focused on the type of care that is necessary to restore the victim to their healthy condition. Public health also focuses on the concern of the victims engaged in an on-going relationship with the use ofRead MorePunishment Versus Rehabiliation1445 Words   |  6 Pagesaffects victims and their family. I will also discuss how it affects offenders, the impact it has on soci ety, and the fiscal impact upon society. Punishment and rehabilitation helps the inmate in different ways. This will show both pros and cons to punishment and rehabilitation. Punishment versus Rehabilitation The criminal justice system uses two objectives, these are punishment and rehabilitation. Society looks at these two with high prospects but the question is will the justice system live upRead MoreProcedural and Restorative Justices Changing Jail Time. 1582 Words   |  6 Pagesre-integrating into the community, the issue at hand now is how the judicial branch and/or community can keep them from reentering the correction system. This re-entry issue may be the effect of society labeling offenders as â€Å"dangerous individuals,† once they have committed a crime. In the criminal justice system, the focus is publicizing the criminals’ wrongdoings and punishing those behaviors. The defendants’ crime is then spread throughout the community from attorneys to the courts then to theRead MoreJuvenile Justice Capstone Proposal Essays608 Words   |  3 Pagesï » ¿Criminal Justice Capstone Project Proposal The juvenile justice system can be dated back to the late 18th and early 19th century. Youths were confined to jails with mentally ill and hardened criminals because there were no other alternatives for them. Many of these youths were in these institutions for non-violent offenses. During this same time, many American cities had to find a solution to the overwhelming rate of child neglect. Today, there is still much debate about the well-being of youthsRead MorePersons Deprived of Liberty1523 Words   |  7 Pagesamong partners and stakeholders from government, civil society and faith-based organizations to protect the rights and enhance the dignity of persons deprived of liberty; EMPHASIZING the need to transform the criminal justice system in accordance with the paradigm of restorative justice; AGREEING that deprivation of liberty refers to â€Å"any form of detention, imprisonment, institutionalization, or custody of a person in a public†¦institution which that person is not permitted to leave at will,Read MoreEvidence Bases Practices1650 Words   |  7 PagesThere are approximately 5 million people under community supervision, either probation or parole, on any given day in the United States. Probation is a criminal sanction that permits court supervision of an offender in the community rather than sentencing him or her to prison. Due to Assembly Bill 109, probation practices have substantially increased. In order to accommodate a proficient environment for prisoners, in 2011, the United States Supreme Court ordered California to drastically reduce itsRead MoreCrime Prevention Concepts and Theory, Such as Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (Cpted) and Other Such Preventative Programs.1713 Words   |  7 PagesCRIME PREVENTION CONCEPTS AND THEORY, SUCH A S CRIME PREVENTION THROUGH ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN (CPTED) AND OTHER SUCH PREVENTATIVE PROGRAMS. First to start developing the item on the prevention of crime we must have the concept that is a crime. The crime can be defined as the action consisting of acting or doing, is a positive, which implies that the person or agent performs one or more body movements and commits the violation of the law by itself, or by instruments, mechanisms or persons. We canRead MoreTraum Trauma And Its Effects On Mental Health1141 Words   |  5 PagesTrauma-informed Care Trauma-informed Care involves identifying youth with trauma by assessments and treating trauma through cognitive behavioral treatment models.8 Juvenile prevention and re-injury programs look to routinely screen for trauma exposure, the programs use culturally appropriate evidence-based assessment and treatment for traumatic stress and associated mental health symptoms; and make resources available to children, families, and providers on trauma exposure, its impact, and treatment

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Poem Essay - 1284 Words

Foreign Policy Debate The Current U.S foreign policy in the Middle East has a goal to advance peace, security, and prosperity in the Middle East. The Current foreign Policy is also supposed to defeat Al-Qa’ida and its extremist affiliates in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The United States Foreign policy protects the U.S citizens by governing international relations, but the current U.S. foreign policy undermines our national security in the Middle East, through drone strikes, the war in Afghanistan, and using a â€Å"hands-off† approach in Syria which has created the U.S. to becoming a target to Middle Eastern Countries. The Current U.S. foreign policy does undermine our national security through sending troops to Afghanistan. America is†¦show more content†¦Facts do not support the U.S. involvement \and does â€Å"not justify the continued military occupation of the country† (Cushman 1). Again, by having troops in other places besides the U.S., fighting other countries wars, hurts national security back in the United States, because it leaves our home boarders unprotected. Another issue that threatens our nation security due to the current Foreign Policy is drone strikes. The U.S. has dramatically increased the number of drone strikes against al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula jeopardizing long term national security goals (5). President Barack Obama sent and continues to send drones to places such as Pakistan. The drones are inaccurate and the end result is killing innocent people who are not the overall target. For example, a drone strike that was meant for a building where a local rebel group was placed hits and kills that building, but also innocent bystanders and citizens. By sending drone strikes and killing innocent people it angers countries such as Pakistan. By using drone strikes it promotes an image that the U.S. is uncaring and as responsible for the deaths of innocents, people adopt radical revenge ideologies, perpetuating terrorism (5) . The current state of our legal documents that govern drone use are murky and unclear which opens the U.S. to international criticism that affects our national security (5). A country that is angry at the U.S. will take action and harm citizens which therefore hurt ourShow MoreRelatedShakespeare s Sonnets Of 14 Lines1542 Words   |  7 Pagespoetry of the time. Additionally, he uses imagery later in the poem; â€Å"darling buds of May† and given away to the â€Å"eternal sun.† In the second line, the speaker says his beloved is lovely and more constant and this is the only line in the sonnet about the qualities of the lover. The next eleven lines are devoted to a comparison, distinguishing the young man from a summer’s day and why summer isn’t all great. Throughout the poem, you will find examples of personification; Summer â€Å"to short a lease†Read More Sonnets: The Power of Love Essay1581 Words   |  7 Pagesdeveloped was that of his poems as a device to help his lady or himself, or to exalt their love to posterity. For example, in Son net 55, Shakespeare says his poetry will immortalize his lady. He writes, So, till the judgment that yourself arise/ You live in this, and dwell in lovers eyes. Because he loves her so much, he attempts to allow her to live forever, which he thinks he can do through his sonnets. In Sonnet 23, Shakespeare says that when the lovers die, he wants his poems to be a window backRead MoreShakespeares Exploration in Sonnet 2 of the Themes of Age and Beauty1459 Words   |  6 Pagesemphasise the summing up at the end. Shakespeare uses the typical Iambic sonnet form and the method of creating an argument then supplying a counter argument and answer through a volter, which may be placed at different points in the poem. It contains three quatrains and a couplet into which Shakespeare manages to fit his argument so that it is complimented by this form. In this case the first quatrain is the fundamental description, which seems to prepare the readerRead MoreThe Lady Of Shalott And My Last Duchess1765 Words   |  8 PagesThere are many poems about love, but fewer poems about the dynamics of that love, of the power structure inherent in heterosexual relationships. Two poems that don’t seem to have much in common at first glance â€Å"The Lady of Shalott† and â€Å"My Last Duchess† make these power dynamics a central theme of their respective plots. Specifically, these poems put a huge emphasis on how women interact with men, and revolve around a feminine need for male approval, even in death. In this paper I will examine theRead More Reality in Wallace Stevens’ The Man with the Blue Guitar Essay2476 Words   |  10 Pagesrealization that the meaning of a poem is not truth, always recognizing that the poem is the poets perception of reality. This perception of reality is based on experience, historical context, and poetic skill, among others. â€Å"The Man with the B lue Guitar† is a long poem that allows Stevens to change perspectives and create abstract realities. Parataxis in such a long poem allows for the decreation of reality and the relation of imagination. In his book, The long poems of Wallace Stevens: An interpretiveRead MoreThe Foundation Of Image : William Shakespeare1323 Words   |  6 Pagestheir reader’s head in order to bring a story to life. William Shakespeare was nowhere shy of doing these things. He compared aspects of life such as love, time, nature, death and even sickness to each other to create themes and importance to his poems. Many of them show strong feelings which showed the strong passion he had for writing. His passion carries along today because it painted a picture for new writers to create works that would change literature and views of life altogether. What madeRead MoreEssay on Amer. Lit2033 Words   |  9 Pagesused in Shakespeare’s assigned sonnets, Herrick’s â€Å"To the Virgins,† and Marvell’s â€Å"To His Coy Mistress.† Although their images differ, what do all these poets seem to be saying about time? Be specific when referring to the poems. The imagery is very different, but all of the poems and poets seem to be saying time is important in life. In Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18 he says, â€Å"And every fair from fair sometime declines,† when explaining the inevitable decline in appearance of his friend (Line 7). In Shakespeare’sRead MoreLiterature Through Time1143 Words   |  5 Pagesonly after he started following the holy path was he special. The themes of transformation, of divine interference, of being elevated by Christ, change and are altogether forgotten by the time we reach Shakespearean sonnets. Even the way that one poem is written from another, with Bede writing more in the style of homer while Shakespeare creates a styling format that will forever be associated with him, Shakespearean sonnets are written in 14 lines which end in a rhyming couplet. Shakespeare’sRead More The Ghastly Writings of Poe Essay1466 Words   |  6 PagesThe Ghastly Writings of Poe Edgar Allen Poe makes tales of imagination and fantasies the irrefutable realms of fear. His tales and poems â€Å"have influenced the literary schools of symbolism†¦as well as the popular genres of detective and horror fiction (Stern xxxviii). However, as many of Poe’s tales and poems conjure terror and trepidation, they also penetrate the imagination with fantasy. Poe repeatedly attempts and succeeds at making his readers endure analogous feelings as those charactersRead More The Wifes Lament Essay1532 Words   |  7 Pagescan be found due to the fact that whoever wrote this poem is dead and that the answer will always be in speculation even if it is correct. Hopefully, at the end of this quest I will be slightly more enlightened as to who the true speaker may really be. There are some things that we do know about this poem. It is most often referred to as an elegy because of the mood of mourning and regret. Upon further reading I discovered that this poem is like others of its time period. Many parallels

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Plagiarism and its Prevention for Writings †MyAssignmenthelp.com

Question: Discuss about thePlagiarism and its Prevention for Writings. Answer: Introduction: Plagiarism initially refers to the materials duplicated from others or stealing from another persons work and naming it own work. Plagiarism has a specific definition, that is; plagiarism is literally a committed theft of existing ideas, denying the source and not disclosing the truth about the source. Plagiarism is infringement of the copyright law. The copyright law states that every person has a copyright on the activities, writings, blogs, songs, films or any other expressions for a certain span and copying or stealing it within that time without the permission of the owner is infringing the law (Lea Street, 2014). There is also a clause of the law, which states that if the owner complains about the stolen material then the person will have to suffer imprisonment along with ransom. Plagiarism in education is a growing issue that decreases the level of integrity in education. To avoid plagiarism, training the students to render their own ideas is referred. This report discusses the use of plagiarism in education and recommends methods of how to prevent plagiarism. Discussion: There are some values in the academic way of integrity. Those values include honesty, own ideas, trust, responsibility to provide own thesis using own words. The students of the present generation have forgotten to write anything using their words. Studies say that a post-graduate student writes an essay with a large amount of plagiarism in it. The plagiarism in the students work in every form is present in the research part of the assignments (Newton, 2016). The students doing plagiarism are suffering from a lack of confidence of disclosing their own ideas because they have the fear of being insulted. The breaching of the academic uprightness includes plagiarism at a great extent and some includes collusion and cheating in assignment and downloading the full assignments from the internet. Among all these issues, plagiarism is the most strongly mocked violation of the academic morality as it sabotages the proposition of the contribution of knowledge. Inscribing Plagiarism: The role of knowledge and research always has the focus of neglecting academic uprightness and having research on plagiarism on the undergraduate elevation. This includes targeted initiation, assistance and instruction on all commended students particularly from the background of an accord to tradition. Plagiarism is a manifestation of academic honesty that possibly places substantial rewards to the students for the value of their work or assignment. There are many strategies to dissuade plagiarism includes instructions regarding the development of the assessment, modules of the designs and educational skills (Gmez-Espinosa, Francisco Moreno-Ger, 2016). Plagiarism by Orthodox Inquisitor: The rates of the plagiarism by students indicate that there is a problem of receiving appropriate information and knowledge both at the undergraduate and postgraduate level of education. The disaffection of integrity by the investigators is common. Plagiarism has negative results such as cancellation of the project, decrease in the credibility of the author and losing reputation. It is a very deep problem in academic uprightness. The researchers need to increase their perception about the plagiarism issues. The researchers need to have the ability to keep against plagiarism. The digital age is at a juncture where plagiarism is increasing daily with the increase of the pressure of studies on the students. The researchers need to deal with the students ideas and encourage them to complete the task themselves and not copying it from others (Glendinning, 2014). The Complications of Plagiarism: Many students are seen having problem regarding paraphrasing of texts and providing the exact citations as required. The students struggle to achieve the goal of good academic writing and fulfil the integrity of academic education. There are three aspects where plagiarism is the most determining; firstly, when the student has an intention to cheat with the thought of presenting work taken from some other sources and marks it as their own. Secondly, downloading the assignment and paraphrasing it by themselves causes the expansion of plagiarism. Thirdly, the possibility for the response regarding plagiarism requires the consideration of both the first and second aspects, which takes a disciplinary approach (Sutherland-Smith, 2014). Self-plagiarism is an issue that rotates around the apparent acceptance. Self-plagiarism is mainly submitting the previous work in a reprocessing way without assigning the resource of the original work and without consent of the teachers. The plagiarism crea tes many problems in submission of the assignment and at times, the students need to do rework on the topic, which can harm their studies (Foltnek Glendinning, 2015). Impact of Plagiarism in Education: Students of the present generation intend to gain the qualification through assignments and dissertations. Fulfilling the qualification needs submitting of different specific topic with broad discussions and they either have an intention to assign a third party in doing the work or plagiarises the work themselves and submits to the teachers. These results in lowering the value of education and the third party involvement and the plagiarised assignments are discourage-able for the students performing well. The institutions are taking severe actions to stop plagiarism as is treated as a serious offence in most of the countries. The institutions lack in consistency of removing plagiarism. The growing amount of plagiarism is because of the increase in access of the internet, which helps the students to gather information and modify those to present them to the teachers. The students are very familiar in taking the work of another person and marking it as their own without even acknowledg ing the owner of the task (Eret Ok, 2014). Preventive Measures: The work assigned to the student is need to be done by themselves with the help of references from others work. There is always a secret war in the inner mind of assorting where the ideas of the references end and where the ideas of the student begin. For maintaining the academic honesty, few measures are applicable. The students have to increase the level of the interaction with the teachers and ask for their guidelines for an answer and check citations for references regarding their answer (Heckler Forde, 2015). The first thing done before asking for guidelines is to plan the paper in a definite way to avoid plagiarism. The other sources required for the research paper is in need of planning. There should be a balance between the planned work and the references. Having an outline of the idea on the concerned topic helps the planning to get better (Lannelongue, Matas-Pereda Gonzlez-Benito, 2016). Another way to avoid plagiarism is to keep notes of the topic and records of the sour ces in a large number so that it helps the person to write more on their own and avoid using the access of the internet. The person can also avoid plagiarism by citing their own ideas with the help of the references can bring more authentications to the assignment and prevent the teachers from thinking that the information is a duplicate of the original. The names of the sites or the owners will give the assignment more reality than lying about the resource. One must have a clear thought of what to say through the assignment and in what way to say. The message or the discussion the assignment covers must be clear in every aspect because without a clear view of their own works they need to adapt plagiarism to explain the related issues and complete the assignments (Imrie, Cox Miller, 2014). Paraphrasing is not the direct way of putting others ideas as own but it also needs references at the end. While paraphrasing, changing the words is not acceptable (Howard, 2016). The meaning of the sentence should remain the same after paraphrasing the sentence. The analysing and evaluation of the resources in the assignment will result in reality and authentication. One needs to mention the sources according to the help they got from it. The credibility of the source will make the teachers feel the participation of the student, support the works and appreciate the quality of writing. Conclusion: Plagiarism is a serious infringement of academic probity. Plagiarism diminishes the value of the honest work. The detonation of plagiarism focuses mainly on the undergraduate students as records say that those students rely a lot on the plagiarism. Plagiarism is a issue with lots of complications in it. To avoid plagiarism more interaction, involvement and training will ensure the improvement in skills and responsibilities of the students. The educational institute needs to acknowledge that the plagiarism requires focus a usual approach that promotes an academic community that adheres on the capability and performance of the academic honesty. The plagiarism issue diminishes the creative power of the student and this puts a negative impact on the students by limiting their thoughts. The students also determinate the name of their pursuing institution and develop less original relations with the instructors. The main consequence of the plagiarism is that they violate the school policie s. The students may flank penalties due to plagiarism if they duplicate a major part of the work. Plagiarism affects a lot on the well-being of the student and the institution taking into considerations the violation of the copyright law. Plagiarism can help the students complete their project but due to plagiarism, the students can face many problems. References: Eret, E., Ok, A. (2014). Internet plagiarism in higher education: tendencies, triggering factors and reasons among teacher candidates.Assessment Evaluation in Higher Education,39(8), 1002-1016. Foltnek, T., Glendinning, I. (2015). Impact of Policies for Plagiarism in Higher Education Across Europe: Results of the Project.Acta Universitatis Agriculturae et Silviculturae Mendelianae Brunensis,63(1), 207-216. Glendinning, I. (2014). Responses to student plagiarism in higher education across Europe.International Journal for Educational Integrity,10(1). Gmez-Espinosa, M., Francisco, V., Moreno-Ger, P. (2016). The Impact of Activity Design in Internet Plagiarism in Higher Education.Comunicar, (48), 39-47. Heckler, N. C., Forde, D. R. (2015). The role of cultural values in plagiarism in higher education.Journal of Academic Ethics,13(1), 61-75. Howard, R. M. (2016). Plagiarism in Higher Education: An Academic Literacies Issue?Introduction. InHandbook of Academic Integrity(pp. 499-501). Springer Singapore. Imrie, B. W., Cox, K., Miller, A. (2014).Student assessment in higher education: a handbook for assessing performance. Routledge. Lannelongue, G., Matas-Pereda, J., Gonzlez-Benito, J. (2016). The Antecedents of Plagiarism in Higher Education: Support Tools for Teaching Staff.Arabian J Bus Manag Review,6(227), 2. Lea, M. R., Street, B. (2014). understanding textual practices in higher education.Writing: Texts, processes and practices, 62. Newton, P. (2016). Academic integrity: a quantitative study of confidence and understanding in students at the start of their higher education.Assessment Evaluation in Higher Education,41(3), 482-497. Ocholla, D. N., Ocholla, L. (2016). Does Open Access Prevent Plagiarism in Higher Education?.AFRICAN JOURNAL OF LIBRARY ARCHIVES AND INFORMATION SCIENCE,26(2), 187-200. Sutherland-Smith, W. (2014). Legality, quality assurance and learning: competing discourses of plagiarism management in higher education.Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management,36(1), 29-42.

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Hrm599 Essay Example

Hrm599 Essay Week 1 1. Benefit plans Employer-sponsored benefits reflect the culture and business of the organization, and plans should be crafted and selected accordingly. Think about your current (or former) organizations benefit plan. Did it help to improve the quality of your work as well as your personal life? Why or why not? Was it a generous benefits program or were there specific benefits you felt should have been included? We want more time off Today people are looking for benefits what will help them manage their work-life life-styles better. Today, with the help of technology, employer is now starting to be more capable of offering flexible options with great results. Time off, seems to be another area that, I think, needs major improvement across the whole country. The average of two weeks’ vacation is way below the standard offered in all other countries, even third world countries have mandated better time off benefits embedded in their labor laws. I feel that we Americans work too hard, with little time to be more involved in raising our kids or even taking care of ourselves. No time for soccer practice with my kinds, no time to go to the gym so I can lose some weight, no time to cook a good health meal for the family. Our lives are hassle and hassle and hassle. To me, when it comes to benefits, time off carries a lot of weight. I rather have an additional week of vacation that 5K more in my pay. Benefit plans Our company is into sales, entertainment, sports. I think it would be kinda hard to model a plan accordingly. Our plans are more designed to the type of family you have because we have a big mixture of people. We will write a custom essay sample on Hrm599 specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Hrm599 specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Hrm599 specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer I personally am not covered so I cant really speak in terms of how it benefits my life. Of course I do have vacation time and such, which does allow me to take some to myself. One thing I think would help in my quality of work or personal life is a flexible schedule. What I do sometimes affect payroll, so I have to map out times off or half days. However there are times when I really could use off and not really need to be in, so I wouldnt mind working an extra hour each day to have a half day later, or coming in earlier so I can leave earlier. Mainly because I prefer working in teh morning. I feel it helps me stay more attentative. Benefit discussion Providing workers with paid vacation time is extremely common, and generally considered a low-cost benefit to offer. Two weeks paid leave is fairly standard for a small business in the U. S. Many companies start workers at two weeks and reward them with additional time off as they accrue seniority. Some companies will also pro-rate vacation time, so that new hires that start on or after July 1 are only offered a weeks vacation time in their first year. . Benefit Planning Process (graded)| As part of conducting a benefit plan needs assessment, a human resource professional must consider the organization’s business strategy as well as its compensation philosophy. What do you think is the next step that should be taken? What are some of the possible outcomes of a benefit plan needs assessment? depends of what stage of the life cycle of the organization is | Mark Lema | 4/2 5/2012 7:11:46 AM| | I guess It depends of what stage of the life cycle of the organization we are, and the industry we are. I think that if we are new start-up business in the technology industry, we might need the best talent out there; therefore our strategy should be to offer very competitive benefits to attract and retain the best. Specially if they are highly skilled and in big demand. If I were to be in the decline stage or the organization, I might have to reduce cost and offer cost effective benefits to offset the costs and minimize expenses. | | RE: depends of what stage of the life cycle of the organization is | Harpreet Sandhu | 5/4/2012 7:53:32 PM| | Modified:5/4/2012 7:54 PM | I agree with my classmates that first it all depends on what stage the organization is in. Along with this in my opinion, the immediate external environment and the changing needs of the organization are the priority too. If there is lot of external competition then the organization might need to reevaluate its benefit plans to attract, retain and reward valued employees. In order to do this, human resources should cond uct a thorough review of the current plan and gain a clear understanding of short and long term strategic and financial objectives. | What do you think is the next step that should be taken? | Catherine Flynn | 4/30/2012 11:46:54 AM| | I think they need to look at the employees themselves and what their needs are. Easier for smaller companies, but even for bigger companies you can do online surveys. Finding out what the employees want is kinda imperative because you may not have similar workers. You may have some single people who dont need child care benefits, or older people who are into saving more so would really be interested in a 401k or Pension more than an FSA account necessarily. | RE: What do you think is the next step that should be taken? | Lynn Peirce | 5/1/2012 12:34:40 AM| | Hi Catherine, thanks for your post. I think, as I have seen through my readings companies simply are not offering pension plans. I would rather have that than a 401K. I think compnies should use s urveys and interviews with kep personnale to see what employees really want after a needs assessment. I imagine the results would be surprising. Management always seems to be disconnected from the real hard working backbone employees. | | RE: What do you think is the next step that should be taken? | Aaron Jones | 5/1/2012 6:04:19 AM| | This is true but they should reconnect themselves so they can find out what is really going on with there employees, the hard backbone employees need to know that they are  notice for there hard work and when mangerment does   surveys and needs assessment this shows the employees that the organzation is concern about there hard working employees. | | Outcomes of an assessment | Catherine Flynn | 5/1/2012 11:18:52 AM| | Im not sure what the book says. However I would assume there could be many outcomes such as needs that might be too expensive to cover. Or perhaps not enough people want the same coverage or not enough people to meet the limit requirement for the insurance company. You can also find out that the benefit plan might not suit anyone at all and a serious change is needed. | | RE: Benefit Planning Process | Harpreet Sandhu | 5/6/2012 8:41:42 PM| | Most successful companies utilize business strategic planning to set priorities and goals for the organizations future; outcomes include short-term goals and long-term strategies. A clearly written, well designed strategic plan can align business units, divisions and employees so that the vision of the management team and the mission of the company can be fulfilled. As companies evolve and the environment changes it is critical for companies to maintain a disciplined execution of the strategic plan. However, if they are not aligned with the business strategy, are done independently, and are not linked to a multi-year strategy they can become a source of frustration and may create unintended outcomes. By adopting a strategic benefit planning process, companies can make decisions regarding their benefits and health care with significantly less stress. Addressing the changing environment of health care will be approached with a more thoughtful long-term perspective and will be tied to the values and philosophy of the   company. | benefit plan | Manqing Liu | 5/4/2012 10:36:41 PM| | There are several external environmental factors considered in strategic benefits planning: Industry prospects, economic conditions, and forecasts Employer costs for compensation and benefits Government regulation of employee benefits Changing demographics of the labor force| Next Step | Natasha Wylie | 5/11/2012 2:13:56 PM| | I think the next logical step would be for the company to  do an evaluation  in terms of both cost and employee need, to maintain a balance between direct wages and benefits. Wage increases and benefit changes independently can lead to excessive increases in payroll costs where the organization loses control of the situation. When benefits or one benefits costs are rising quickly, it impacts the organizations ability to raise other parts of the compensation package. | Week 2 discussion Role of Government (graded)| Other than the mandates of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) and a few other ineffectual reporting and disclosure requirements, benefit programs were practically unregulated by the federal government. Before the major shift that came with the enactment of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) of 1974, which was primarily aimed at traditional defined benefit (DB) pension plans but applicable to other employer sponsored retirement and benefit programs. What is the government’s current role in regulating the administration of employee benefits? Do you think there is too little or too much government intervention? Why? Role of the government | Aaron Jones | 5/5/2012 4:23:24 AM| | 1. * Government regulates retirement plans, health benefit coverages, unemployment insurance and workers compensation benefits. Effects * Government regulation on unemployment insurance pays benefits to the unemployed. By regulating workers compensation benefits, states can control the amount an insurer pays, the kind of drug testing it requires and whether businesses with fewer employees are exempt from these laws. With the 1974 Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), the federal government establishes standards for retirement and health coverage that private businesses must offer. Liability * In states like North Carolina, the government subjects new employers to a standard tax rate at first. Once it has determined their actual rate, the states Employment Security Commission notifies the business by letter of its liability to pay unemployment taxes. Significance * Not only do federal and state regulations on benefits guarantee certain types of coverage, they also establish minimum reporting standards and disclosure requirements for businesses that must document their compliance. Size * An expansive program, ERISA regulates benefits given to a companys current and discontinued employees. It also mandates compliance with the Newborns Act, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 and the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008, to name a few. information from: Government Regulations on Employee Benefits | eHow. om http://www. ehow. com/facts_5554578_government-regulations-employee-benefits. html#ixzz1tzOVqKAW. | RE: Role of Government | Sylvia Privette | 5/6/2012 8:53:03 AM| | Lynn and Aaron I agree with both of you. I dont think the government intervenes enough. I believe they waited to long to help with this issue as they do with all issues. They wait  until they are out of control or the govern ment is tired of paying for the people because they are short on funds, so they attack. Had this issue been dealt with before the backlash would not be so drastic. As Aaron stated it took this particular president to do something. I look back at the wheel and the economy if you dont work for the big companies, then its difficult for the smaller ones to give great benefits. The Healthcare plan is a good one, but possible at an inconvenient time for companies financially. In response to Lynn I too believe the government should provide healthcare coverage but to the needy. If you are employed then your employer should offer heathcare and the employee should be covered, contributing or not. The government is now complaining that are not only giving health care to the needy and companies can help bare some of the cost. We all know healthcare is expensive | | RE: Role of Government | Manqing Liu | 5/12/2012 9:54:07 PM| | The governments role in the retirement income area has been dictated primarily by historical factors. Beginning in the late 19th century, the economy of the United States changed fairly rapidly from predominantly agricultural to predominantly industrial and service oriented. Coinciding with this change—and probably in response to it—the large, supportive extended family of the agricultural economy was largely replaced by smaller, more fragmented family units. The shift away from agriculture reduced the amount of economically useful work available to older people, and family structural changes reduced the amount of family support for the aged. | | RE: Role of Government | Aaron Jones | 5/7/2012 6:04:07 AM| | This is the way the system likes to operate, they will let an situation like this one get so far out of hand then have meeting about the matter and really get nothing done instead they fight on issues that they know should have been address   long before Barack Obama came along. Now that he is here he just wants do do the job he was put in office for taking care the American people and use all the funds in a wisely matter so all can live a more comfortable life. Healthcare is expensive and with the right program in place the cost can be handle if they   take the right action regarding this matter. | Do you think there is too little or too much government intervention? Why? | Catherine Flynn | 5/9/2012 8:26:36 PM| | All benefits are so complex it takes a lot to work plans out, so having regulations I think is helpful. However I dont feel that the government should get more involved than they already are because I feel that they are almost trying to control what I can and cannot have, and that is what I dont agree with. I mentioned before about the Individual Mandate Clause in the new healthcare plan that is being voted on and I personally do not appreciate being told what I can and cannot buy. It should be my choice to purchase health insurance if I want it or not, and this clause is taking that choice away from me. | | Do you think there is too little or too much government intervention? Why? Norma Vega | 5/9/2012 11:32:52 PM| | I think there are too little. While there are some penalties and sanctions imposed by ERISA, through the Department of Labor, these are for violations on the administration of the employee benefits programs of those who voluntarily designed employee benefits plans. How about for those who opted not to voluntarily design employee benefits plans and programs? REFERENCES:Pnd yck, Robert S. (2005). Microeconomics. Pearson Education, Inc. http://www. dol. gov/compliance/guide/erisa. htm#who | | To ensure there is fair environment for competition | Mark Lema | 5/10/2012 7:15:33 AM| In my opinion, the government’s role is to primarily set a minimum standard. As they do for the minimum wage. Then to enforce de law, and to ensure there is fair environment for competition and no monopolies are developed. Competition will drive the quality of benefits. | Government Mandates | Professor Blanco | 5/10/2012 1:12:34 PM| | Class-  Ã‚   intereesting that many of you feel that government should provide benefits. Lets take a look at that. Benefits are very expensive, we know. But why? What is driving the cost of these benefits? How do you propose the government provided benefits will be paid? | RE: Government Mandates | Crystal Johnson | 5/10/2012 4:30:08 PM| | One thing that is raising the cost of benefits is specialty drug prescriptions. Specialty drugs for   multiple sclerosis can cost $2,500 to $3,800 a month. The cost of staying alive on drugs is sky rocketing. Prescription drug companies are making a killing with their patents and over charge the public to fix erectile dysfunction or having long lashes. However, drugs that actually extend your life and true quality of life should be augmented so everyone can benefit or at least let people have reasonable access to them. I know that sex and long eye lashes are meaningful to quality of life, but not as much as asma medication or kidney cleansing  drugs for dialys patients. http://www. shrm. org/hrdisciplines/benefits/Articles/Pages/SpecialtyDrugs. aspx | | | RE: Government Mandates | Manqing Liu | 5/11/2012 11:15:52 PM| | I found something interesting about government provided benefits: A 2008 poll of 1,400 Americans by the Cornell Survey Research Institute found that when people were asked whether they had â€Å"ever used a government social program,† 57 percent said they had not. Respondents were then asked whether they had availed themselves of any of 21 different federal policies, including Social Security, unemployment insurance, the home-mortgage-interest deduction and student loans. It turned out that 94 percent of those who had denied using programs had benefited from at least one; the average respondent had used four. http://www. nytimes. com/2011/09/20/opinion/our-hidden-government-benefits. html| | | What is the government’s current role in regulating the administration of employee benefits | Natasha Wylie | 5/13/2012 5:43:14 PM| The  basis of ERISA is to provide protection of employee benefit rights. ERISA has a few major objectives, they are: To ensure that workers and beneficiaries receive adequate information about their plans To set standards od conduct for those managing employee benefits plans   and plan funds To determine that adequate funds are being set aside to pay promised pension benefits To ensure that workers receive pension benefits after they satisfied minimum requirements To safeguard pension benefits for workers whose pension plans are terminated | | | Do you think there is too little or too much government intervention? Why? | Natasha Wylie | 5/13/2012 6:05:23 PM| | Im on the fence about whether there is too much government intervention in the administering of employee benefits. Im sure  that both sides could argue where oversight is needed and where there is too much involvement. Whether the oversight is handled by the government or another agency, I do believe that someone should look out for the best interest of employees, and ensure things related to benefits are handled in a proper manner. | Government Mandated Benefits (graded)| There are certain benefits that are legislatively mandated and cannot be altered or dropped by an organization for any reason other than the organization is closing its doors for good! Social Security and Medicare, unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation, COBRA and FMLA are all federal and state mandated programs. What do you think determines the types of programs that the  government chooses to make mandatory? Do you feel these programs are efficient and effective? Why or why not? | Government Mandated Benefits | Lynn Peirce | 5/6/2012 2:55:19 AM| | My feeling is that the U. S. economy plays a large part in determining the types of programs the government makes mandatory, in order to help and protect U. S. citizens in times of need, for example, COBRA. Some of these programs go back many years in their enactment, such as the Social Security Act of 1935, when the U. S. had the foresight to help aid in retirement of older workers (and that was post-Depression and pre-WWII). Some of these programs are efficient, such unemployment insurance (even though it should last longer), and some are not, such as Medicare (seniors still have to purchase supplemental insurance or pay out-of-pocket costs). Social Security may not even be around in another 25 years. I think these programs started out well, and the intentions are good, but they became financially strapped. See http://www. socialsecurityreform. org/problem/index. cfm. | | RE: Government Mandated Benefits | Sylvia Privette | 5/6/2012 8:06:52 PM| | I agree with both of you. The government does what it feels is necessary when monies are tight for them and for companies. The state of the economy determines in which way the wheel should turn. If it too expensive for the government then they want more from employers, however they also know that employers will want something in return i. e. , tax incentives. The government should have stepped in long ago before these problems became bigger problems. Aaron you make a good point. The government should make sure that the employees they have working in these positions are educated nough to do so. The proper training and supervision is most important. Mishandling of funds is a big issue for the government and it seems as if they need the corporations help in bailing them out financially. I am grateful for the programs that the government has mandated, however, I think the government could regulate more benefits programs. | RE: Social Security ; Government Benefits | Lynn Peirce | 5/10/2012 11:03:05 PM| | Jill, as we discussed in class, Social Security was implemented in 1935, after the Depression, and was only meant to be temporary. Since the system is already broken, and the government is trying to fix it, healthcare will be regulated by the federal government but as we discussed in class, Obamacare will have to be tweaked in order to satisfy those who are opposed to it, as well as make it more feasible to implement and operate. I imagine this will be  a nightmare. I found this great article about Social Security, written from the viewpoint of a sociologist, on the origins of Social Security and how it is being reformed: http://www2. ucsc. edu/whorulesamerica/power/social_security. tml If the current social security dliemma, is not fixed, I feel that the consequences will be dire. | Do you feel these programs are efficient and effective? Why or why not? | Natasha Wylie | 5/13/2012 7:35:53 PM| | Personally speaking I think that these programs are effective. I have used FMLA, after giving birth to my daughter. T he Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) gives eligible employees 12 weeks of unpaid leave to care for the mselves or a relative suffering from a serious health condition, a newborn baby, recently adopted child or a new foster child. Also covered are emergencies that occur when a relative who is a member of the National Guard or Reserves is called to active duty. To qualify, employees must work for a covered employer for a minimum of 1,250 hours during the designated 12-month qualifying period. Its a relief to not worry about securing your position while out on FMLA. There were times when if an employee needed to be out of work for and extended period of time, there positions werent held. | Week 3 discussion Healthcare Cost Management (graded)| Many Americans benefit from the investments in healthcare; however, the recent cost growth, coupled with the economic downturn and rising national deficit, has placed a great strain on the financial systems used to finance healthcare, including private employer-sponsored health insurance coverage and public insurance programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid. What is the responsibility of individuals for the cost of their care? Are health savings accounts and high-deductible insurance policies an approach that should be expanded? What are the concerns for low-income individuals? Healthcare cost management | Aaron Jones | 5/12/2012 7:12:54 AM| | The Affordable Care Act (ACA) includes a provision similar to AMA policy on individual responsibility, which is scheduled to take effect in 2014. The Congressional Budget Office predicts the ACA will expand coverage to 32 million more Americans by 2016. Several of the new benefits included in the health reform law, such as an end to coverage denials based on pre-existing conditions, are only made possible by increasing the number of Americans participating in the health insurance market. Individual responsibility for health insurance allows patients to take ownership of their health care needs, decreases the number of uninsured — now estimated at 50 million nationwide — and helps make popular insurance market reforms possible. By promoting individual responsibility and increasing the number of insured individuals, we improve the health of Americans and keep hidden costs from being passed along to all of us * HSA/HDHPs are a highly tax-advantaged savings vehicle appealing to people who have high incomes and to those who are expected to have low use of health care services. For the uninsured, these approaches are less attractive since they often have low income and neither benefit significantly from the tax advantages now have the financial assets necessary to cover the large deductibles associated with the plans. * Their ability to reduce system-wide spending is very limited. * The plans have the potential to increase segmentation of health care risk in private insurance markets unless employers set premiums to offset the healthier selection into the plans or government subsidizes the higher costs associated with the remaining non-HSA market. The plans have thus far been less attractive that prononents envisioned, the authors add, so their potentially negative ramifications on populations with high medical needs have been limited. However, they say, efforts to expand enrollment in these plans through further tax incentives, for example, could place growing financial burdens on those least able to absorb them, leading to more barriers to medical care for the low-income and the sick and fewer insurance options. www. rwjf. org/pr/product. | Healthcare Cost Management | Lynn Peirce | 5/12/2012 10:39:30 PM| I think that individuals should be responsible for their own healthcare, whenever possible and affordable, but since the economy has been so bad for so long, a lot of people go without, which places a strain on the financial systems used to finance government-managed programs. I, myself, am fortunate enough to receive Medicaid, but it was not handed to me, as one must be medically-needy (an individual can make $47,500 per y ear and receive Medicaid). There are two programs within Medicaid in New Jesey, one is the Workability Program, which I am in; the other is for people who are unable to work. Health insurance is very expensive for employers ot provide, as we have been discusssing in class the past few weeks. I feel that high-deductible policies are not the way to go, but health savings accounts may be a great option to explore. The concerns for low-income individuals are that they simply do not have the means to invest in a health-savings account, and if they dont qualify for Medicaid, they are stuck in clinic care, which doesnt really do the job. More than 60 percent of nonelderly Americans receive health-insurance (HI) coverage through employers, either as policyholders or as dependents. However, rising health-care costs are leading many to question the long-term viability of the employer-based insurance system. Concerns about the economic burden of providing HI are particularly acute for small businesses, which are both less likely than larger firms to offer HI and more sensitive to price when deciding to offer insurance. Small firms may have difficulty containing costs due to their limited bargaining power and their inability to hire experts skilled in negotiating with insurance companies. Further, while few recent studies have systematically explored differences in the quality of HI plans that small and large firms offer, small firms may offer health plans of lower quality (http://www. rand. org/pubs/technical_reports/TR559. html). | Healthcare Cost Management | Norma Vega | 5/13/2012 11:20:31 PM| | I would say it depends on the institution. There are great medical facilities all over the US but many are closing down because of different law violations. I think it is a mix of both money and helping patients though. The good facilities I think concentrate on the genuinely helping people part from top down. As they hire staff, I would hope that is one requirement they look for while in the interview process. I think with a good staff and employees that truly care and provide excellent service are the ones that are successful and make more money. | The importance of becoming a smart consumer | Mark Lema | 5/15/2012 1:30:07 PM| | Becoming a smart consumer is a must when it comes to utilizing your healthcare benefits. The high cost of benefits is not under the control of employers, therefore, employer have no option but to offer all other   possible options to reduce the cost of healthcare and minimize the passing of that cost to their employees. Unfortunately, there is very little employers can do. As they cost for healthcare increases, employer have to become more creative in developing a healthcare pla that will not upset employees and   that will not place the company on bankruptcy. HSA and FSA type of accounts are some of those alternatives that employer use to help employees better manage their healthcare costs. Unfortunately, the lack of understanding how these plans work, and the fact that it requires a lot of time andn preparation to comply with the processes  and submit receipts, has pushed back many current and potential participants. In my case these option do help. My wife, who is the smart one, fully understands the procedures and requirements of HASs and FSAs and has save us   in the last years 100’s of dollars in healthcare costs, this dedication and full understanding of my family healthcare needs, has by far offset the time-burden it requires to manage them. | | What are the concerns for low-income individuals? | Catherine Flynn | 5/16/2012 5:17:20 PM| | For low income families its a big struggle to be able to afford insurance. Sometimes it can even be something that they just dont think about cause it may not be the firs thing on their mind. When youre worrying about other bills, that could take precedent over insurance. Until someone gets sick, then you realize that on top of all the bills, you need money for when you or your child is sick or needs hospital care. For my family when I was growing up, we knew insurance was important because I was a pretty sick kid, so I was always needing doctor visits and medicines, and of course ER visits since I was also clumsy. Then my mothers health started to decline as I got older. So having some sort of insurance was extremely important and I always knew that its beneficial to have some type of funds available should emergencies occur. When I was in college there were a few years I had to go without benefits. Today and even then I felt extremely lucky I didnt get sick because if I had I would have had a lot of bills. Not only because of that but because My mother and I had assistance, Im very grateful for it. However not everyone has that, and not everyone is eligible for it because they work. But their salaries may not be enough to get them health care, so they have the option of finding a job that might offer benefits, or get a second job to try and get a plan on their own. It can be very difficult, and its something you need to ask yourself. Are you going to try your hardest to protect yourself with insurance, or are you going to risk it? I think it depends alot on each persons circumstances. | What are the concerns for low-income individuals? | Michael McArdle | 5/18/2012 10:43:39 AM| | Personally I just feel that low-income people are in trouble of never being able to affo

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Free Essays on Children In “The Brothers Karamazov

Children in the Brothers Karamazov Children are portrayed in â€Å"The Brothers Karamazov† as being mistreated by adults and by God. Ivan, who is the most troubled by children’s sufferings, doesn’t want to forget them so he keeps articles about the misfortunes dealt upon children. The story also incorporates tales of children that are in the town, and surrounding areas, who become important to the plot of the story. By the end of the book Dostoevsky wants you to feel such grief and sadness for the children that it might even challenge your faith to God. The first child I will mention is discussed in the â€Å"Peasant Women Who Have Faith† chapter. A peasant woman goes to see Father Zosima because she has lost her son. The woman is very distraught and says that she left her husband and the rest of her family because she couldn’t take it anymore. This woman had already lost three other sons and just couldn’t stand to lose another. Father Zosima tells her a story about a saint who comforts a grieving mother, like herself, who had lost her only child. â€Å"Knowest thou not,† said the saint to her, â€Å"how bold these little ones are before the throne of God? Verily there are none bolder than they in the Kingdom of Heaven. Thou didst give us life, oh Lord, they say, and scarcely had we looked upon it when thou didst take it back again. And so boldly they ask and ask again that God gives them at once the rank of angels.† (41). After father Zosima tells her the story he says, â€Å"know that your little one is surely before the throne of God, is rejoicing and happy, and praying to God for you, and therefore weep, but rejoice.† (41). This idea is a polar opposite of Ivan’s view of children. Father Zosima is not interested with what happens in this life but the next. It’s what a monk does. Ivan’s view is more grounded and I shall me... Free Essays on Children In â€Å"The Brothers Karamazov Free Essays on Children In â€Å"The Brothers Karamazov Children in the Brothers Karamazov Children are portrayed in â€Å"The Brothers Karamazov† as being mistreated by adults and by God. Ivan, who is the most troubled by children’s sufferings, doesn’t want to forget them so he keeps articles about the misfortunes dealt upon children. The story also incorporates tales of children that are in the town, and surrounding areas, who become important to the plot of the story. By the end of the book Dostoevsky wants you to feel such grief and sadness for the children that it might even challenge your faith to God. The first child I will mention is discussed in the â€Å"Peasant Women Who Have Faith† chapter. A peasant woman goes to see Father Zosima because she has lost her son. The woman is very distraught and says that she left her husband and the rest of her family because she couldn’t take it anymore. This woman had already lost three other sons and just couldn’t stand to lose another. Father Zosima tells her a story about a saint who comforts a grieving mother, like herself, who had lost her only child. â€Å"Knowest thou not,† said the saint to her, â€Å"how bold these little ones are before the throne of God? Verily there are none bolder than they in the Kingdom of Heaven. Thou didst give us life, oh Lord, they say, and scarcely had we looked upon it when thou didst take it back again. And so boldly they ask and ask again that God gives them at once the rank of angels.† (41). After father Zosima tells her the story he says, â€Å"know that your little one is surely before the throne of God, is rejoicing and happy, and praying to God for you, and therefore weep, but rejoice.† (41). This idea is a polar opposite of Ivan’s view of children. Father Zosima is not interested with what happens in this life but the next. It’s what a monk does. Ivan’s view is more grounded and I shall me...

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Marketing strategy in Nokia Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Marketing strategy in Nokia - Research Paper Example [Accessed 29 November 2011] 17 Appendix A: 20 Appendix B: 21 1. Introduction The aim of this report is to analyze, appraise and make recommendations on the marketing strategy of one of the leading Mobile manufacturing companies, Nokia. The paper will identify the company’s strengths and exploit the opportunities that it has in the competitive market today. The paper would further analyze the environment in terms of internal and external factors and make appropriate recommendations to its current marketing strategy to attain higher customer satisfaction, brand loyalty and market share. 1.1 Background and origin of Nokia: Nokia is world’s leading mobile phone manufacturer operating globally. It is the symbol of quality, ease and excellence. It is a Finnish multinational information technology manufacturing company with head office in Keilaniemi, Espoo, Finland. It has wide operations in 120 countries with more than 100,000 employees worldwide (Forbes). It is the second la rgest mobile manufacturer of the world following the Samsung Incorporation. It has 22.5% market share in mobile phone industry (Damian and Calvin, 2012). The products are mobile phones, handhelds, electronic gadgets and notebook computers. Till the year 2012, it had been a world largest mobile phone manufacturer but after emergence of Samsung and Apple iPhone 5, it got its sales down sufficiently. A lavish life of Nokia brand was observed as lesser popular after when people started adopting Samsung Galaxy smart phones and iPhones. A couple of years back, it faced a similar situation when Blackberry phones were on demand fashion (Kotler, 2012). To cater the needs, Nokia has jumped in to the competition while the competitors are enough substantial to moderate the competition. Since Nokia has lost the market leader position but still it is on priority for student, middle class man and quality seekers (Dibb and Simkin 2013). 1.2 Nokia’s Position in the Market Figure 1: Leading mo bile manufacturing Companies’ market share Source: Samsung, Nokia, and Apple dominate phone sales in spring 2012- August 2012 (Hill, 2012) Based on the 2012 results, Nokia is ranked as the second largest company in the competitive mobile industry. The further sections of the report shed light on Nokia’s current market status in the mobile industry. In order to achieve its aims, the paper uses tools like SWOT analysis and competitive analysis to understand the competitive edges that company stands on. After the careful analysis, Nokia’s marketing strategy is evaluated in terms of segmentation, targeting and positioning. Its marketing objectives are evaluated and strategies analyzed to identify any gaps between the marketing goals and strategies adopted. The paper reaches its conclusion after providing a number of recommendations to fill the gap in marketing strategies and suggests Nokia some efficient and effective strategic changes. 2. Situational Analysis 2.1 S WOT Analysis Strengths Nokia is ranked second largest distributer of mobile sets in the competitive mobile manufacturing industry (Figure 1). Nokia keeps its market share high by investing a considerable amount of capital in Research and Development strategies. It had spent 4.94 billion Euros on R&D in 2010 and was ranked 11th in the list of top R&D spending Multinational organizations globally (Sitkin & Bowen 2013).